There are about 7.2 billion humans on the planet but today, only 2.8 billion of us are connected to the internet. 

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Most of the mobile growth on the planet is expected to come from emerging markets. With internet growth in the Western world stagnating at about 80 percent penetration, it’s clear that most of the growth in coming years will come from emerging markets.

The 45% of people who could connect to the Internet but don’t cite cost as a major factor. Additionally, technology is an issue – bandwidth is sacred in emerging markets meaning loading a website can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Things are starting to change. Affordable smartphones (under $40) are being introduced into the market and mobile browsers are more efficient tools to access the things online that people in emerging markets need. The hope is that the influx of technology and reduction of cost will help the billions of people who still want to connect.

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