Free apps go beyond health class to help teenagers find out if they need H.I.V. treatment.

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“A number of groups are working on ways to improve access to H.I.V. testing for young people. Tim Kordic, a health educator with the Los Angeles Unified School District, is partnering with a company called Healthvana to place educational posters about H.I.V. in classrooms and provide students with a free iPhone app that harnesses GPS technology to locate nearby H.I.V. testing facilities.

Ramin Bastani, the chief executive of Healthvana, says their app has delivered the results of over 200,000 H.I.V. and sexually transmitted infection test to patients at participating healthcare providers across the country. The confidential service also gives useres information on how to access treatment if a result is positive. Some young people post negative H.I.V. testing results on social media as a way of encouraging other to get tested, Mr. Bastani said.”

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