Take advantage of mobile technology – without unwanted side effects.

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Mobile health combines medical technology and portable electronic devices to infuse the medical world with innovation. Most Americans now own smartphones and low-cost apps can garner millions in revenue should the product be a hit; however, it’s hard to know which apps are useful as there is no comprehensive database or ranking system to provide information to consumers about the 165,000+ mHealth apps available. Here is some advice on how to know which apps you can trust:

1. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is – if the promise is to make your phone do something that it was never intended to do, such as function as a medical instrument, it’s probably not going to be accurate.

2. Look to professional organizations and research groups – it’s in the interest of these organizations to help patients and doctors better manage diseases.

3. It’s hard to go wrong with activity trackers – just avoid any apps that seem to encourage pushing yourself in ridiculous or dangerous ways.

Read the original article for the full list of ways to know you’re picking a good mobile health application.

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