The exponential rate of information has led to the creation of a new kind of educator: low-cost, on-demand, short-length education providers, providing courses on everything from gardening to robotics at lower costs than traditional universities and colleges.

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Immersive educators and massive open online courses teach the skills required for new jobs that are on the cutting edge of innovation. Online, alternative education has typically been targeted at high-income populations, but e-learning is now being brought to people in lower income brackets.

New courses are being designed to be mobile friendly, helping reach those who can only connect to online education on their mobile devices. Courses are also being designed for the typical worker, pitched at entry-level skills, either with a vocational focus such as domestic work and secretarial work, or a life-skill focus such as an introduction to Western literature. Courses are also being shortened, so they take days rather than weeks or months to complete.

Educate24 is one company that is taking the lead on making these necessary changes to bring online education to those who need it most.

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