The statistics are well known and they are grave. One in four South Africans are unemployed. Even worse, half of all young South Africans are without a job. The numbers only improve when those who have given up the search are excluded from the count.

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South Africa needs solutions now to their outrageous unemployment rate. This is no easy thing to do, but Anish Shivdasani and Shafin Anwarsha have created a mobisite called Giraffe to start tackling the issue. Giraffe was not created as an application because apps are only available to those with smartphones. A mobisite can be used by anyone with Internet access on their phone.

Giraffe’s founders spent a considerable amount of time interviewing the unemployed population and the employers who could hire them, and created a place where those with skills can be matched with those who need to hire them. Employers pay, but job seekers can use the site for free. Giraffe has been met with great success, attracting over 100,000 users in 16 months with a 70% successful placement rate.

Omidyar Network recently invested in the company so more developers can be hired to expand the technology. This investment will also allow Giraffe to expand to new geographical locations. Although working on a larger scale is a challenge Shivdasani and Anwarsha now face, Giraffe is becoming an important mobile solution to South Africa’s unemployment.

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