Mobile Alliance

What to Consider Before Joining an Accelerator?  Accelerator programs can you connect you to mentors, investors and teammates.However, you’ll get the most out of the program if you participate in it with at least one additional co-founder. Accelerator programs tend to present a number of opportunities, and it can be difficult to take advantage of […]

Mobile Alliance

The current refugee crisis spreading from Syria, Afghanistan, and other countries through Europe—the largest since World War II—has created a number of challenges through the array of affected countries. It’s also proved an opportunity for technology, particularly smartphones, to step in as an important source of help. Loading up my phone in Vienna’s main train […]

Omidyar Network

Welltok, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Zamzee, an award-winning health program developed by HopeLab, to add more solutions for children to its CafeWell Health Optimization Platform™ and further engage millions of children and their families in healthy activities. “Zamzee will be an essential component of CafeWell since it gets the whole family involved in […]

Ford Foundation

Since the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner last summer, the media has been alive with stories of people creatively and courageously defending black lives. But often overlooked behind the headlines are the young people who have been key to building this movement, and who are driving it forward. Take, for example, the murder […]